IPMA Certificates awarded by Finance Minister Michael Noonan

IPMA Certificates awarded by Finance Minister Michael Noonan

 Derek Tiermey, Second Secretary Ann Nolan, Minsiter for Finance Michael Noonan & Edward Naughton 

At a recent awards ceremony in the Department of Finance, Minister Noonan, as part of his address to staff who had successfully completed recent studies including the Certified Project Management Diploma, stated that organisations such as the Department, are becoming project centric and have come to believe that professionals with experience and the proper degrees or credentials are necessary to deploy the discipline.

He also stressed, citing Brexit as an example, the importance of international recognition for such awards as more and more of our work and consequently projects are outward facing and increasing in complexity.

Effective project management will help maximize efficiency within the Department and the wider Civil Service thereby generating more successful outcomes and increasing the value that the public receives for its taxes.

Second Secretary Ann Nolan paid tribute to the graduates, their partners and all those who supported them on their journey to successful achievement of their diplomas.

She reaffirmed the recognition of the critical role that project management now plays in the Department.

She also reflected on the pioneering work done by Derek Tierney (IPMA Level A) in advancing the discipline to a stage where some 36% of the organization have been supported in achieving the internationally recognised IPMA project professional accreditation.

The Department continues its objective to the application of a project management approach to carry out projects using professionals who are skilled and experienced in the discipline to lead projects. 

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