John Bruton delivers IPMA® welcome address

John Bruton delivers IPMA® welcome address

IPMA® President Reinhard Wagner, Institute Director General Ed Naughton, Former Taoiseach John Bruton, IPMA ® Chair Mladen Radujkovic

Mr. Bruton, a committed European, briefly narrated the path of Ireland emerging as an independent state through its inward-looking period during the 1950s and 1960s and its subsequent embracing of Europe and the benefits that flowed as a result.

He described the background factors to our rise as a Celtic Tiger economy, our subsequent economic collapse and endurance of seven years of austerity. Ireland is now in a much improved state partially because of our strong trade with the UK and the USA but there is little room for complacency.

He also gave a brief narrative on his perspective of the current geo-political environment with particular reference to Greece, Russia, USA, China, France, Germany and India.

As a former president of the EU and EU ambassador to the USA he stated that when doing business and dealing with a multiplicity of international stakeholders:

“It was important to talk tough in private and talk private in public.”   

In the context of project management he supports the concept that  the IPMA council of delegates provides an opportunity for delegates from all countries to exchange ideas on today’s project challenges and emerging trends, to enjoy networking and to sample the culture of the host country.

As a small country, Ireland must use these international networks in a strategic way to help us achieve our future targets.

This connectivity also helps Ireland to respond strategically to developments at European level in relation to issues such as potential European Project Management Certification.

It makes no sense for any country, large or small, to pursue a purely national approach. International collaboration allows countries to share the costs and risks of tackling common project management challenges. A country cannot claim to have a “world class” project management system unless that system is firmly embedded within the global system.

He concluded by saying that “Ireland, as a member association, is proud to play a full and active role in IPMA, we welcome the IPMA family to our country and wish the organization a “Happy Birthday” in this its 50th Year.”

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