Ireland's International Collaboration with IPMA® Delivers Value

Ireland's International Collaboration with IPMA® Delivers Value



Founded in 1965, the IPMA® (International Project Management Association) is a federation of over 70 countries operating its internationally respected 4-tier certification system around the world. The Institute of Project Management is its Irish representative body.

As a small country, we strive to use this international network in a strategic way to help us achieve our future targets. Our connectivity with IPMA® allows us to respond to global developments and emerging trends.

It is essential that Irish companies and organizations have access to leading-edge project management research, training and certification solutions wherever these may be located in the world.

It makes no sense for any country, large or small, to pursue a purely national approach. International collaboration allows countries to share the costs and risks of tackling common project management challenges. A country cannot claim to have a “world-class” project management system unless it is firmly embedded within the global system.

The interest in and demand for project management education and internationally recognised certification continues to out-perform – currently, there are just under 5000 IPMA® certified professionals in Ireland.

 IPMA® Certification offers:

•   Globally recognized certification system

•   Competence and standard-based system

•   Continued Professional Growth

•   Differentiation from Basic Certifications, in various PM roles

•   Global Recognition & Reward

•   Professional Community

•   Public Registry

Download the guide above to learn more about our partnership with IPMA® – the international network which thinks globally and acts locally, serving individual needs.


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