The Next Generation of Project Management Competence: ICB4

The Next Generation of Project Management Competence: ICB4

IPMA’s new flagship standard, the ICB4 (Individual Competence Baseline, version 4) brings together an expanded set of competence elements that will support a wide range of audiences and uses.

The burden has never been higher for project, programme and portfolio managers to produce measurable results on time, on budget, within scope while meeting the quality criteria.

IPMA’s goal with the ICB4 is simple – enrich and improve the individual’s competence in project, portfolio, and programme management thereby providing an inventory of competences that, if fully realized, represents the complete mastery of the Project Management discipline.

The ICB4 discusses competences in terms of Competence Elements grouped into three areas: People, Practice and Perspective.

Managers today need increased people and perspective skills in addition to a solid practice. Personal and Perspective aspects of the individual have gained importance relative to the Technical aspects. 

In the ICB4, each competence element includes a handful of Key Competence Indicators (KCI’s).

These describe the main aspects of that competence element, and are written in such a way that one can assess competence with regard to these KCI’s. To facilitate assessment, every KCI contains, apart from a description, a number of specific and empirical Measures that indicate necessary or possible actions for this KCI.

This new standard is intended to support the growth of individuals, and also of organizations as they address the challenges of increasingly competitive project environments.

ICB4 is not a ‘how-to’ guide for project management. It does not present the steps involved in project management, but rather is intended to be companion document to other global standards that focus more on the processes like PMBOK, ISO 21500, and others.

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