Special Category Winner 2017 - Edel Collins



Special Category Award Winner


Edel Collins, Assistant Principal Architect – Business Transformation Unit, OPW



Tell us a bit about your experience before the Strategic Diploma in Project Management course?


I am a registered architect working in the OPW for the last 18 years. The Principles of Project Management were addressed as part of my training to become a registered architect. Over 10 years ago, I completed a formal project management course which supported me in the successful delivery of a diverse range of construction projects including museums, laboratories, schools, garda stations, office developments and cultural projects.  Before undertaking the course, I was responsible for the management of an architectural section within the OPW.


What influenced your decision to do the Strategic Diploma in Project Management?


When I was working with Derek Tierney, on a Project to Improve Project Management Capacity in the Civil Service, he recommended that I consider applying for the course, for which I am very grateful. The timing of his suggestion was particularly appropriate as I had at that time been assigned to a major organisation restructuring project within the OPW and the topics of portfolio management, benefits management, strategic alignment, project leadership and PMO’s were particularly relevant. 


Since completing the course what impact has it had on you in the workplace?


I feel very fortunate to have completed the Strategic Project Management Diploma course because the learning has allowed me to positively contribute and influence outputs in the organisation restructuring project. It has also equipped me with the necessary tools to take on a new role within the OPW which is Head of Major Projects. I am now responsible and accountable for all capital projects over €5m and the total value of the active projects is currently over €600m. I would highly recommend this course for anyone regularly undertaking project management as part of their working life.