National Award Winner 2017 - Brona Cusack



National Award Winner


Brona Cusack, Consultant



Tell us a bit about your experience before the Certified Diploma in Project Management course?


As a communications consultant I have devised, implemented and directed public relations and promotional strategies for a wide range of corporate and consumer clients. After many years working in agencies, I ventured out on my own and now freelance on diverse projects. The most challenging environment, but very rewarding, has been my consultant role in Haiti where I launched and continue to direct all aspects of the Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year programme.


What influenced your decision to do the Certified Diploma in Project Management?


Despite my experience and ability to plan, manage and juggle many project deliverables from beginning to end, I know my discipline is not formal project management. I was very keen to learn the principles and processes of project management in its actual context delivered by specialist practitioners. I could see a benefit for future commissioned projects to be able to complement my existing skills with the PM knowledge the course offered. 


Since completing the course what impact has it had on you in the workplace?


I found the knowledge transfer by the lecturers both extremely engaging and informative. I was not anticipating an immediate impact in my own day-to-day framework but rather a future one with long-term benefit.