Southern Region Winner 2017 - David O'Doherty



Southern Region Award Winner


David O'Doherty, TLA Analyst, Dell EMC



Tell us a bit about your experience before the Certified Diploma in Project Management course?


I spent the early part of my career in finance. A few years ago, I decided on a change of direction, and did a Masters in Writing in NUI Galway. Since then I’ve moved to work within the STEM industry. At the time I took the Certified Diploma in Project Management I was working in software License Compliance for Quest Software.


What influenced your decision to do the Certified Diploma in Project Management?


I received great support from my manager at Quest, Dean Russell, who encouraged me to undertake the IPMA Diploma as an opportunity to grow professionally. In my role at Quest I was project managing a portfolio of software audits, and putting a systematic structure to many of the actions I was already taking really appealed to me.


Since completing the course what impact has it had on you in the workplace?


After completing the diploma, I found myself unexpectedly in the jobs market. Having the IPMA Diploma on my CV made a positive impression in discussions I had with potential employers, as it spoke to a wide range of competencies. In my new role at Dell EMC I work as a remote team member supporting licensing requirements for our large enterprise customers. The enhanced skill set & self-awareness I gained from the course has helped me grow accustomed to my new role quickly and smoothly..