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Invest with the Best Project Management Diplomas

15 Sep 2014
Invest with the Best Project Management Diplomas

When you invest in your career development it is important to ensure that you invest wisely. Make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting.

At the Institute, we offer a complete and integrated solution to your professional project management development needs. Our Certified and Strategic Diploma programmes are considered best-in-class, meeting all the requirements identified in a recent international survey of over 570 participants.

Our comprehensive solution encompasses the knowledge acquisition to fully understand project management aligned to the practical application through templates and case studies.

Our self- assessment focuses on your technical, leadership and strategic competences allowing you to plot a career development path while understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

Our in-built IPMA® certification accreditation gives you professional recognition in 57 countries and positions you on domestic and international certification registries.

Features of Institute's Diplomas

Survey Rated  Important to Critical





Direct participation in certification process


Competence descriptions


Associated training material


Career development model


Position description


Online registry of certified individuals


Invest with the Best!

Unlike many other organisations, our sole focus is on project management. With the Institute you are dealing with internationally renowned specialists. We offer you twenty-five years of unparalleled expertise in project management education, training and certification.