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Manage Projects Better – Key Messages

27 Jul 2015
Manage Projects Better – Key Messages

Project management’s core function is integration. Therefore, the project manager is the single point of integrative accountability’ in achieving the outcome desired by the sponsor.

  • The front-end is the most important part of the project offering the greatest opportunities to add or destroy value.
  • The project manager needs to be competent both at managing front-end development as well as downstream execution.
  • In the front-end, we are inventing the future: As we move into execution, there is a shift to a more being, realist position.
  • Of the many stakeholders influencing the front-end and downstream execution, the sponsor is the most critical. It is their money (or budget) that is being drawn on.
  • The sponsor represents the governance engine that defines the way the project is to be managed.
  • The sponsor potentially can have the most influence on the conduct of the project yet probably has had the least amount of formal training in the discipline of managing projects/ project management of any senior on the project.
  • The two ‘essential’ project stage-gates are where approval is given, one, to initiate development work, and two, at sanction, to proceed with the execution. 

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