Meet 2013 Graduate of the Year Award Winners

Meet 2013 Graduate of the Year Award Winners

This year’s ceremony represented the 11th anniversary of these awards which recognise and honour the hard work, high standards and professionalism of the winners. 

The objectives of the Institute’s “Project Management Graduate of the Year Awards” are to:

  • Recognise and honour the high achievers in the qualifying programmes – the Certified Diploma and the Strategic Diploma.
  • Increase awareness of, and status of, project management as an important business discipline.
  • Increase awareness of the high quality and standards of IPMA qualification and certification among the business community and the general public and recognize that Project Success demands Professionalism

Today’s economic pressures mean that professionalism in project and programme management is an absolute necessity. Organisations need to assess the competence of the project professionals they deploy. Fulfilling this responsibility has got easier with the growth in Ireland of the universally accepted IPMA certification standard.

This allows project managers to demonstrate their skills, training and experience, together with their commitment to continued professional development and to a code of professional conduct. It really allows project management professionalism to earn its place at the heart of project success.  









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