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Apply for Internship Programme

Intern with the Institute of Project Management. Join our vibrant team of enthusiastic and aspiring professionals. Acquire valuable experience and skills under the guidance of seasoned Project Managers, setting the stage for your future success.

Apply for Campus Ambassador

Join IPM as a Campus Ambassador! Be the face of our community on campus, representing us with enthusiasm and dedication. Connect with peers, organise exciting events, and help us build a vibrant presence at your university.

Benefits of Internship Programme

Interning with IPM is a great way to gain valuable experience and knowledge about the field of project management.

  • Institute of Project Management is a trusted leader with a proven track record, fostering excellence in project management education and professional development since 1989.
  • Interning with IPM will help you build a network of contacts in the industry.
  • On-the-job training: A great way to further your career because it helps build relevant skills and experience that is needed to grow.  
  • Resume building: Interning at IPM will provide you with material to add to your resume. This helps you stand out to potential employers and increases your chances of getting hired.  
  • Real-world experience outside of the classroom. You will have the opportunity to work on projects and tasks that are relevant to your career goals.  

Benefits of Campus Ambassador

Campus ambassador is a part-time opportunity offered by IPM to students who are still pursuing their college education. Through these programs the students will help build the presence and promote the products and services among students and teachers. IPM will select a few student applicants from a college to become part of its student ambassador program. These selected students are responsible for assisting in organising events, workshops, and promotional activities that can help increase our brand awareness.

  • Gaining exposure to the corporate world and build a professional network . 
  • Develop leadership qualities, team management, promotion, and various other technical skills . 
  • Receive a certificate of achievement and recognition for outstanding performance . 
  • Discounts on our products and services.

Internship Responsibilities

Institute of Project Management’s internships offer tailored experiences in marketing, sales, product development, certification, publication, and general roles. Interns shape their professional journey by gaining hands-on experience aligned with their expertise or learning goals. Whether diving into specific projects or exploring broader responsibilities, our flexible program caters to individual aspirations and fosters meaningful growth.

Ambassador Responsibilities

Campus Ambassadors at Institute of Project Management play a pivotal role in enhancing brand awareness and promoting our initiatives. Responsibilities include advertising, leveraging various marketing channels to boost visibility, and actively participating in the organisation of events hosted by IPM. Ambassadors contribute to the vibrant campus presence by engaging peers and facilitating smooth event logistics.

Intern Reviews at IPM 

Google (100+ reviews)

Nicholas Haupt

December 24th 2023
I had a fantastic experience at the Institute of Project Management during my two-month internship. Working across various departments provided me with valuable insights into a business environment that I'm not accustomed to. The atmosphere was consistently supportive and encouraging, and IPM demonstrated remarkable flexibility in task allocation. It's an excellent small company that genuinely cares about your future and is dedicated to providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Mariana Bal

November 29th 2023
Had an incredible experience interning at IPM. The team was professional, hard-working, welcoming, and a great resource in helping me learn and grow, both professionally and personally. I am leaving IPM with the confidence to take on any work setting, and will definitely miss being with the company.

Jack Armstrong

November 14th 2023
I worked as a marketing intern at the Institute of Project Management (IPM) from September - November 2023, and I absolutely loved my experience. John (CEO of IPM) was an excellent leader and constantly checked in to ensure I had everything I needed to succeed. IPM genuinely cared about my professional development and gave excellent career advice, which I have already begun implementing. A great working environment was created by the team, which made my time at IPM productive, educational, and enjoyable.

Apply for Internship Programme

Intern with the Institute of Project Management, a dynamic team of professionals. Gain valuable experience guided by seasoned Project Managers, setting the stage for your future success. Join us, step into a world of growth, seize endless opportunities, and thrive!

Apply for Campus Ambassador

Become a Campus Ambassador for IPM. Be the enthusiastic face of our community on campus, connecting with peers, organising exciting events, and contributing to our vibrant presence at your university. Join us in fostering a dynamic community and leave your mark as our campus ambassador!