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Publish Your Writing and Contribute to IPM’s Global Community

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22 Sep 2022
Publish Your Writing and Contribute to IPM’s Global Community

At the Institute of Project Management (IPM), our mission is to cultivate a space where project management professionals from various backgrounds can exchange knowledge, connect with colleagues, and further their careers. The IPM community brings together professionals from diverse fields, addressing both well-known and specialised topics. Explore some of our newest articles and thought pieces here

Why Submit Your Writing

Publishing with IPM provides authors numerous benefits, from earning credibility and global recognition in the project management community to accumulating PDUs/CPDs.  

The Advantages of Publishing with IPM: 

  • Build a Global Audience - IPM's wide reach means your work is exposed to 30,000+ global audience. 
  • Personal Brand Building - Position yourself as a thought leader in the project management field. 
  • Inspire Others - Sharing your journey, challenges, and solutions can inspire those looking for guidance.
  • Earn PDUs - If your work is published, you will earn PDUs that help maintain your project management certification.
  • Feedback and Growth - Engage with a community that can provide constructive feedback.
  • Networking and Partnership - Interacting with a global audience may lead to partnerships and valuable networking. 

What type of content do we accept? 

We welcome a wide variety of materials that provide insights and expertise in project management. This encompasses blog entries, articles, white papers, research, case studies, and e-books. In the IPM community, templates are especially valued. We are open to explore different template styles; even if a similar version exists, your distinctive take m

Submission Guidelines

For those interested in publishing with IPM, we've compiled a set of submission guidelines. These guidelines provide clarity on content expectations, the submission process, format, length, and other relevant details. By familiarising yourself with these guidelines, you can ensure your submissions align with IPM's standards and have a smoother publishing journey. 

1. Topics 

At IPM, we recognise the diversity of the project management discipline and its constantly changing landscape. We warmly welcome submissions that cover a broad range of topics within this field. Whether you're diving into the details of agile methodologies, exploring stakeholder management, or shedding light on emerging trends and tools, we're eager to share your insights. 

Our platform is committed to presenting different perspectives and helping everyone understand all aspects of project management. Share your expertise, challenge usual ways, or introduce new ideas — we're here to amplify your voice. 

Please note that we do not permit product-focused or promotional material in our educational content. If you're interested in such promotions, please reach out to our marketing department by emailing us at  

2. Format, Length, and Specifications  

  • For articles and opinion pieces, we recommend they be at least 800 words. Writing exceeding 1500 words may be published in several parts depending on the context.  
  • Please provide a potential title (40-90 characters) and a brief bio of the author(s) limited to 60-80 words.  
  • If your submission has images, embed them within the file. Our design team might modify these graphics to align with IPM branding, but we will seek the author's final consent before making significant changes and posting them on our website. 
  • Please cite all information sources as references. 
  • Standard academic writing guidelines should be followed for all submissions.  
  • Authors should submit their work in electronic form, specifically as Microsoft Word files. We only accept submissions in English currently. 
  • Please read our Terms & Conditions before submitting your work. 

3. Editorial and Publication Decisions 

The editorial team at IPM has the authority to modify any submission for reasons of length, clarity, or readability. For major changes, authors will be consulted for their approval prior to publication, while minor edits will be made without seeking the author's consent. Submission does not guarantee publication. Upon IPM's decision to publish, contributors will be informed about the publication date, and upon release, authors will receive a direct link to their submission on the website.  

4. PDUs / CPDs 

Authors whose submissions are approved for publication will earn PDUs. However, please note that IPM will not issue any document proving your PDUs, as having your writing published on our website is acceptable evidence for certification bodies to claim your PDUs. You are automatically granted 1 PDU for every hour spent preparing or generating the published content. 

If you have further questions about publishing your work on IPM's online platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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