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5,000 IPMA Certified Professionals in Ireland

In excess of 5,000 IPMA® Certified Professionals are currently registered in Ireland and the numbers continue to grow strongly each year. Obtaining your IPMA® Certification can go a long way toward enhancing your employment and/or project assignment responsibilities and getting you recognised in the workplace. The Institute of Project Management Ireland is responsible for the administration of IPMA's 4 level certification system through its national certification body PMI Certification.


IPMA Certification

A Unique Certification

The uniqueness of IPMA® Certification:


  • Assessment made by professional assessors

  • Consideration of behavioural and contextual competences, not just technical competences

  • Personal, professional career development

  • Four role - targeted levels of certification

  • No language barriers - English or native tongue

  • Independent from specific training courses






Certification Guidelines




Requirements for each IPMA® Certification Level



IPMA Level A® — Certified Project Director


Role Description

     • Acting on a strategic level within a very complex project
     • Responsible for a very complex project which has a strategic
       impact on the organisation.


     A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a project manager in a
     responsible leadership function in very complex projects of which
     at least 3 years were at a strategic level. All experience for     
     Level A must have been obtained within the last 12 years.

IPMA Level B® — Certified Senior Project Manager


Role Description

     • Acting in a complex project environment.
     • Responsible for a complex project programme within an


     A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a project manager of which
     at least 3 years were in a responsible leadership function
     managing complex projects. All experience for Level B must have
     been obtained within the last 8 years. The evidence timescale can
     be extended by 4 years with justification.

IPMA Level C® — Certified Project Manager

Role Description

     • Acting in a moderate complex environment.
     • Responsible in a project management role with moderate
       complexity within an organisation. 


     Minimum of 3 years’ experience as a project manager within
     projects of moderate complexity.
     Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a responsible project
     management role assisting the project manager in complex
     projects. All experience for Level C must have been obtained
     within the last 6 years. The evidence timescale can be extended
     by 4 years with justification.


IPMA Level D® — Certified Project Manager Associate


Role Description

     • Knowledge in Competence Elements related to project
    • Has broad project management knowledge and may work in a
       project team. 


     No experience required.








The ongoing educational and professional development of individuals who have attained the IPMA® certification is mandatory.


Candidates are required to engage in a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities to:


  • Enhance ongoing professional development;

  • Encourage and recognise individualised learning opportunities;

  • Provide a vehicle for attaining and recording professional development activities;

  • Maintain the value and recognition of your IPMA certification.


In order to satisfy the CPD activities and maintain an active certification status, one must accrue and report a minimum of 35 hours evidence of CPD per annum (175 hours over five-years).

Please see Section 3 of the Certification Handbook for further details.








IPMA Certification in Ireland

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