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Certified Diploma Now in 6 Locations

25 Nov 2011
Certified Diploma Now in 6 Locations

Institute expands
to new locations 

The Certified Project Management Diploma – an evening programme - provides participants with immediate international accreditation into a community of 120,000 project management professionals from 50 countries.

There are no further exams or fees required. No other organization in Ireland can offer direct professional accreditation as an integral part of its programmes.

Because of its immense popularity, the programme locations are being expanded to 6 locations commencing in October 2011 and will now be available in:

Dublin              Cork                Galway             Limerick         Waterford           Dundalk

Obtaining IPMA Certification along with 2400 other professionals in Ireland can go a long way toward enhancing your employment prospects and getting you recognized in the workplace.

Despite the challenging economic conditions encountered over the last two years, the interest in and demand for project management certification continues to outperform other professional development sectors. In an era where job stability and security are no longer a given, many individuals seek to protect and enhance their area of expertise.

Many as a bridge can see project management accreditation to enable transition away from an existing functional role or to other industry sectors. The people seeking to bolster their CV by adopting this approach are also becoming much more sophisticated about the type of professional project management accreditation available in the marketplace. 

Internationally recognized accreditation is a key metric. Many are either working for global entities, facing leaving the country to secure employment abroad or if indigenous Irish companies want to have credentials that really matter.

With corporate training, budgets slashed, many individuals have had to resort to self-funding to achieve their professional development objectives. Candidates are taking extra care to ensure that the quality and programme content and the reputation and brand of the programme provider are of the highest standard.

Its excellent faculty and world-class curriculum design seek to ensure that the Certified Project Management Diploma meets these exacting criteria.