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Dublin Project Management Summit

22 Nov 2011
Dublin Project Management Summit

60 delegates from countries as far afield as Brazil and China convened in Dublin last weekend to commence work on the latest version (4.0) of the IPMA Competence Baseline known worldwide as ICB. This is the standard used by the IPMA certification system to accredit project management professionals in over 50 countries worldwide.

IPMA President Roberto Mori from Italy launched the workshop by stressing to delegates that:

“Organizational and Individual Performance is enhanced by applying IPMA’s globally recognized competence model. This new version will deliver refreshed content and insights into project management competency and will be embraced around the world as a new standard of performance.”

We will reach this vision through an effective team of programme participants who have:

  • Experience
  • Ideas and Insight
  • Dedication
  • Willingness to listen
  • Cooperative attitude

This is a large, global programme that will require significant coordination and communication. At the heart of the programme plan will be is a series of content development meetings that bring participants together for focused development time. Different countries around the world will host the meetings throughout the course of this programme.

The meetings will last at least two days to allow time for presentations by Member Associations, facilitated discussions, and small group work and to create reviewable versions of the documents.

The Irish delegation at the meeting was led by international assessor expert John Atkinson and supported by Michelle Ferguson and Niall Connery.