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Ireland joins the first 1st Income & Career Study by IPMA!

07 Jan 2022
Ireland joins the first 1st Income & Career Study by IPMA!

Project work plays an increasingly important role in today’s national economies. In many countries, project management is emerging and being accepted as a core competence requirement to underpin and sustain both organizational and national competitiveness.

As the work changes so do the workers. By taking a closer look at the individuals’ practices we try to understand the needs of the market more deeply and develop the capability to respond to its expectations more rapidly.

 For this reason, the IPMA has set the goal of understanding the salary and career structures in project management by conducting an international comparative study to be able to show developments and trends.

This gives one the opportunity to compare and benchmark your salary with the industry average on a national and international scale.  The study is conducted by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and an external research partner, EBS University.

The aim of this study is to give a broader overview of the world market and potential career paths in project management. A clear understanding of the state and evolution of professional practice are particularly important to the future development of the field of project, programme and portfolio management.

Among the Member Associations participating in this research are Germany, Austria, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Indonesia.

The questionnaire takes only approximately 10 minutes to complete. We would be very grateful if you could participate. Why not join us today and get valuable feedback!  Please click THIS LINK to participate!