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I would like to defer my programme – What should I do?

A deferral administration fee of €100 will apply for the first deferral request. Only one request of Examination Resit is permitted free of charge. Delegates will be charged a €225 administrative fee for each additional request.

Resit or Deferral requests must be submitted to at the sole discretion of IPM. Full course fees will need to be remitted before IPM will consider granting a request. For more information about the deferral process, kindly please refer to the institute's Terms & Conditions.

Extenuating Circumstances

Requests for Resit or Deferral of Course or Exam will only be considered by IPM in exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • Ongoing illness or injury which prevents you from completing course or examination activities.
  • Family bereavement which occurs at exam time.
  • Other, independently vouched, personal circumstances, which affect your ability to take
    your course or examinations, and which are outside your control.

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential and must be accompanied by supporting documentation to be processed. Examples of supporting documentation include:

  • Medical Certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner. This certificate should be on letterhead paper and should be legible, stamped, and dated. It should cover the appropriate date(s) of the examination period.
  • Copy of the death notice.
  • A letter from a registered Psychologist or Counsellor. This note should be on letterhead paper and should be legible, stamped, and dated.