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2015 Trends – Getting back to Basics

27 Apr 2015
2015 Trends – Getting back to Basics

All change in an organisation happens through projects. When a project management mindset is embedded into an organisation’s DNA, performance improves, and competitive advantage accelerates.

Looking at the state of project, programme, and portfolio management in the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2015, we see that several global dynamics are forcing organisations to take a more critical look at how they operate.

Challenging economic growth projections put additional emphasis on how well organisations execute their strategic initiatives. This, in turn, requires more rigorous project, programme, and portfolio management. However, the capability of organisations to deliver on their strategic initiatives has not changed dramatically.

This suggests that it may be time for organisations to revisit the fundamentals of project management and go back to the basics.

Those basics include:

  • Fully understanding the value of project management
  • Aligning projects to strategy
  • Developing and maintaining project management talent
  • Establishing a well-aligned and effective PMO (project management office)
  • Using standardised project management practices throughout the organisation
  • Having actively engaged executive sponsors

Our suite of courses at the Institute of Project Management Ireland focuses on how organisations can build and sustain their capabilities and create greater competitive advantage. They are constantly amended and updated to reflect the latest international thinking. New products and programmes such as our Leadership Academy reflect the emerging demand for enhanced and improved leadership skills for project managers.