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Navigating Project Manager Salaries in 2013: A Comprehensive Guide

04 Feb 2013
Navigating Project Manager Salaries in 2013: A Comprehensive Guide

Staying ahead of the salary trends in the realm of project management is crucial for professionals at all levels. Despite the economic downturn, the demand for project managers remains strong.

As we enter 2013, this comprehensive guide will explore critical factors, earning potential and trends shaping project manager salaries.

Understanding the Project Manager Role

Understanding the project manager roles is essential because they are pivotal in delivering successful projects. Their responsibilities often include:

Project Planning

Effective project planning is vital to success. A well-crafted project plan sets the stage for seamless execution, ensuring every team member is aligned with the project's objectives.

Team Coordination

Project managers excel in fostering collaboration among team members. They efficiently propel their teams towards shared goals through effective leadership and communication.

Risk Management

Project management is a landscape of uncertainties. Therefore, risk management is a strategic skill for such dynamic environments. Risk management ensures that the project is resilient despite unexpected hurdles. It minimises disruptions and safeguards its overall success.

Time Management

Effective time management is the key to meeting deadlines and achieving project milestones. Good project managers excel in setting realistic deadlines and communicating them consistently to their teams.

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring project progress is a continuous task. Therefore, project managers implement robust tracking systems, regularly assess milestones, and adjust strategies accordingly.

Stakeholder Communication

Project managers often develop project initiatives that achieve stakeholder goals while maintaining the budget. By fostering open lines of communication, project managers build trust and manage the stakeholders' expectations.

PMP - Project Management Salary

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Factors Influencing Project Manager Salaries

Below are the factors that contribute to the diversity of project manager salaries.

Experience and Expertise

In general, the more job experience you have, the more you will earn. The entry level starts at the foundational salary level. As the expertise grows, salaries tend to increase. A senior-level project manager earns higher salaries, especially when overseeing complex projects or portfolios.

Industry and Sector

Salaries can vary across industries in the high-demand sectors like healthcare, business services, IT, engineering, etc. Furthermore, project managers in the private sector may experience different salary structures than those in the public sector.

Education and Certifications

Earning a project management certification can help you validate your skills and experience and contribute to increased earning potential. Advanced certifications like PMP can positively impact salaries.

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Salaries are often influenced by the cost of living in a particular region. Living costs and job demands usually determine how much money you are making.

We must also take into consideration the work-from-home trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies like Amazon and Oracle have already started hiring remote project managers. There may be more opportunities for online positions that will allow you to work from anywhere.

Understanding the Earning Potential of a Project Manager

So, what is the earning potential for an individual pursuing a career in project management? To answer this question, we have looked at two profiles:

  • Title
  • Years Working in Project Management


Some Irish organisations have a pre-determined career path for project managers and have adopted the IPMA four-level certification system, or a derivative thereof, to develop this model. The Institute has built an average salary profile for each level using the IPMA classification system.

Title (Using IPMA 4 Level
Average €Core Competency
Projects Director113,000Shall be able to manage portfolios or programmes
Senior Project Manager93,000Shall be able to manage
complex projects.
Project Manager62,000Shall be able to manage
projects with limited
Project Management
41,000Has project management
knowledge in all
competence elements.

Years Working in Project Management

It is important to note that "Years Working in Project Management” is different from “Years Working”.

Many individuals who are now working in the project management discipline have probably spent a considerable period of time working within their functional specialism initially. A person who worked for the same organisation for seven years would fall into the "Less than 5" category if they spent five years or less in a purely functional role.

Below is the table demonstrating earnings by “Years Worked in Project Management.”

Years working in Project ManagementAverage €
Less than 556,000
5 to 1065,000
10 to 1575,000
Greater than 1586,000

Below are several trends and projections shaping project manager salaries.

In-Demand Skills

Professionals with mastery in project management skills, such as expertise in Agile methodologies, data analytics, or emerging technologies, may experience higher demand and, subsequently, increased project management salary.

Due to ever-evolving market dynamics, specific industries may experience higher demand for project managers. Keeping an eye on sector-specific trends is crucial for understanding salary projections.


We hope this comprehensive guide serves as a compass for navigating the intricate landscape of salaries.

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