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Acquire PM Certification

26 Jan 2012
Acquire PM Certification

For the individual, project management certification can offer an opportunity for self-advancement within their own organisation or make themselves more marketable to other organisations.

How many technically oriented people do you know who believe that they are in a career trap? A realisation has hit them that they cannot jump out of this particular box while they have pursued a technical orientation in their organisation.

Project Management offers an interesting route. “While ordinary management is about improving the status quo, project management is about making things happen – managing change”.

Three good reasons to acquire project management Certification

1. Project management offers both a business opportunity and a self-advancement opportunity to an audience that already possesses many of the requisite attributes.

2. Project management is an accessible escape route from the technical potential career trap.

3. The underlying reason for projects becoming the central focus of management activity in many organisations can be a single word: competition.

To participate in the smart economy and move up the value chain, it is important to recognize the impact that successful project management has on productivity, helping to make organisations more innovative, effective and competitive.  As individuals, we cannot afford to ignore what this value proposition can do for us.

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