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Classroom vs Live Online vs OnDemand 

31 Mar 2023
Classroom vs Live Online vs OnDemand 

There are three main study format* choices offered by IPM - Classroom, Live Online, and OnDemand. The same leading industry-ready curriculum is available in all learning options, ensuring success at any step of your professional life. IPM has developed these delivery formats to provide learners with flexible and convenient learning options.

Choosing whether to do classroom, live, or on-demand learning takes much consideration. Of course, there are opportunities for both. However, there are times when picking one over the other is the better option.

Our three study choices meet various needs. Here are a few things to remember while choosing between classroom, live, or on-demand learning.

Classroom Learning Live Online Learning On-Demand Learning 
Learn in person under the direction of an experienced instructor at one of our partner locations, The National College of Ireland. Live online learning features courses and certification paths taught by seasoned Project Management Professionals. OnDemand learning provides you with complete control over your study. 
Classes are held at predetermined times of the day with your peers Experience a live interactive learning environment with fellow learners delivered via Adobe Connect It is entirely flexible and allows you to set the pace. 
Classes are conveniently located at the heart of the city of Dublin By eliminating the commute to class, you save time and energy. Interact with fellow learners and instructors through online Conversation boards and Forums. 
The classroom design makes it simple for tutors to interact with you one-on-one and lead the entire class.  You can take part in live online classes from the convenience of your home or workplace. Learn at your own pace over 12 weeks (average completion time: 6 weeks) 

Which format is suitable for you? 

Live Online? 

If you can't come to our premises but still want the benefits of being in class, live tutor support, and an organised approach, you should select the Live Online option. You can take part in live online classes from the convenience of your home or workplace. By eliminating the commute to class, you can save time and energy. 

The advantages of our live online courses include the ease of home study and direct instruction provided by real-industry experts who know what it takes to become a successful project management professional and achieve certified status. 

The typical in-person classroom experience is available through IPM’s live virtual environment. Students attend the scheduled sessions and learn from seasoned project management professionals in person. Along with case studies and real-world examples, all these courses also incorporate peer interaction and collaboration. 

One of the most significant benefits of the virtual classroom is the ability to ask the teacher questions and get feedback on their work in real-time. As a result, it enables students to clarify and go further into best practices. In addition, those who want to learn new concepts through discussion and collaboration may benefit most from virtual classrooms since they provide a more regulated and social learning environment. 

Recordings of the online training sessions will be available to you in the Student Portal for a limited period. If you miss a session, you can watch the recording as often as possible and whenever it suits your schedule


If you can't attend scheduled classes but still need a lot of guidance and support, On-Demand is the ideal option. You can study at your own pace while ensuring you're achieving the appropriate goals with the help of our useful online resources. 

One advantage of our On-Demand courses is that they are available for you to access whenever convenient. In addition, the MyIPM learning portal offers you special online tools to give you direction, keep you motivated, and solidify your understanding of each module. 

Because there are no required class meetings, On-Demand courses can fit into a hectic schedule and may be the ideal choice for project managers with little spare time, additionally, they're perfect for independent learners who want to analyse the material independently or feel more comfortable choosing their speed. 

It would help if you had a cosy chair and a strong internet connection and discover success at your convenience. 


Do you find that learning in a regular classroom setting is beneficial? Are you a visual learner? Our classroom instruction satisfies all your educational needs. Your studies will be aided by our knowledgeable Project Management experts, who will also assist you in learning as much as possible. Every aspect of the classroom has been planned to improve your learning and assist you in achieving your objectives. Working in groups also allows you to develop your critical thinking abilities.

*Note: Not every study format is offered for every certification we provide. Kindly check through our courses to see what we can offer you. 


How do on-demand courses work? 

Each module is comprised of several topics to provide structured learning. Each topic is broken up into short videos followed by activities designed to put the new information and concepts into practice through exercises, quizzes, discussions, and other activities.

Am I required to be online at a specific time?  

On-demand courses provide the flexibility to set your learning schedule. You can access your course remotely and start learning at any time.  

Live online courses have a set schedule.  In a virtual environment, you will have a fully interactive session with your instructor and other learners. However, you can access a recording on the student portal if you miss any live sessions.   

Some in-person courses will have access to our online Learning Platform and online exams. 

Are there assignments and assessments? 

You’ll complete the same assignments and exams as in the live online course. Even if you submit all assignments or assessments early, you’ll still have access to the whole course until the end.