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Ebook: Project Design & Quality Assurance Challenge

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28 Jul 2020
Ebook: Project Design & Quality Assurance Challenge

The Project Design & Quality Assurance Challenge eBook describes how the demands, wishes and influences of the organisation are interpreted, weighed and translated into a high-level design of the project to ensure the greatest probability of success.

What's Inside?

This free guide enables the project manager to successfully integrate all contextual and social aspects and derive the most advantageous approach for the project to ensure buy-in and success. It covers some of the following topics:

  • Design and the relationship with Quality Assurance
  • An approach for project teams to Design & Quality Assurance
  • Define the project-specific design principles
  • Describe the ‘attributes’/ requirements
  • Do your research and consider other changes
  • Meeting the design principles
  • Develop the solution & who will be involved
  • Hints & Tips

Download our free guide Project Design & Quality Assurance Challenge and keep it close to hand as you plan and execute your projects.