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Enhancing Reputation for Institute

24 Jan 2013
Enhancing Reputation for Institute

Organisations ranging from global businesses to governments have identified project management and skilled project managers as the key to their success. The demand for certified project professionals is growing strongly.  

When deciding on which project management development programme to invest in, “reputation” is paramount.

The Institute’s faculty is led by its programme director Ed Naughton, an internationally recognised expert and a powerful IPMA Education and Training Board member. His colleagues on this board are world thought leaders from Switzerland, China, Romania, Greece and Italy.

This level of international exposure ensures that the very best and latest in terms of practice and thinking is designed into the Institute’s programmes;

“So much of what you do now crosses borders and involves interacting with other cultures and other economies, and working with such diverse international board members offers the opportunities to embrace the state of the art concepts and ensure that they are built into our programmes.”

Aligned to this is the requirement for the faculty members to be a mixture of respected academics and seasoned practitioners with excellent communication skills who can gain the respect of participants, many of who would have significant experience in project management.

Our graduates are our greatest ambassadors, as witnessed by our 2012 Graduate of the year Awards Winner Gavin Murphy from UPC.

“In the last 10 years, I have seen huge changes in the profile and importance of Project Management within Irish organisations. I wholeheartedly believe the institute has been instrumental in effecting this change by turning out great project managers and championing the profession with their flagship Certified and Strategic Diploma programmes and internationally recognised certification.

I have been fortunate in my project management career to date, having worked with 2 great companies that have embraced Project Management. I have also worked with and have been mentored by some exceptional project managers along the way.   

Last year I decided to continue my studies to upskill and refresh my knowledge by completing the Diploma in Strategic Project Management. Whilst I found the Diploma challenging, I also found it very rewarding by gaining new insights and perspectives through the course of the programme. “

The Institute is dedicated to project management solely. And unlike other providers, it does not involve itself in any other aspect of management training. It is a specialist in its field with over twenty years in providing superior project management education, training and certification. Our value proposition for our programme participants is to give them internationally recognised professional accreditation and make them more competent and competitive.