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Gain a Certification For Your Organisation Through IPMA® Delta

24 Dec 2022
Gain a Certification For Your Organisation Through IPMA® Delta

As organisations increasingly understand the importance of effective project management in reaching their strategic goals, the need for efficient and successful project execution has grown significantly. Regardless of a project’s scale, it must be carried out efficiently and effectively. However, the success or failure of a project is greatly influenced by the organisation in which it is undertaken.

To address this, IPMA® offers a valuable opportunity to assess and certify your organisation. Through the IPMA® Delta certification system, you can evaluate your organisation’s existing project management competence and receive guidance for enhancing future performance and development.

How IPMA® Delta Can Benefit Your Organisation

There are numerous ways in which the IPMA® Delta certification system can advance the competence and prestige of your organisation:

  1. Providing a prominent international certification showcasing your organisation’s project management competence.
  2. Initiating an ongoing improvement process aimed at attaining superior outcomes in projects, programmes, and portfolios.
  3. Enhancing your employees’ project management skills with education from IPMA® Delta’s esteemed local and international assessors.
  4. Evaluating your current project management standing and comparing it with other organisations to establish a benchmark.
  5. Elevating your market positioning through the transformative impact of the Delta Effect.

The IPMA® Delta I/P/O model

To achieve the best possible results, IPMA® Delta employs a model that represents a comprehensive assessment designed for the entire organisation. This assessment encompasses a thorough review of individual competencies, the actual project processes and activities undertaken, and the support offered by the organisational management system and the project's business context. The model is broken into three parts along these lines, called modules I, P, and O.

Module I (Individuals)

The assessment examines the competence of individuals in various key roles and perspectives, emphasising their experience and knowledge within their respective domains.

Module P (Projects)

The assessment centres around selected projects, focusing on evaluating their outcomes and overall success. It also emphasises analysing the implementation of agreed-upon project management methods and tools within these assessed projects.

Module O (Organisations)

The assessment evaluates your organisational competence in project management, primarily from the perspective of top management. It examines the organisations’ attitude towards and support of the management system and the establishment of governance within the organisation.

IPMA Delta's I/P/O Model helps improve the prestige and function of organisations

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