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IPM is a PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organisation: Why It’s Significant

26 Sep 2023
IPM is a PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organisation: Why It’s Significant

To receive high-quality education and training in project management, it is necessary to select a credible educational organisation. While the content of comparable courses across institutes may be similar, the organisational format and the instructors’ ability may vary remarkably, which affects their value for students. This variance is significant for PRINCE2 courses, whose purpose is to prepare students for rigorous exams.  

Fortunately, in order to offer PRINCE2® courses, organisations need to be approved by PRINCE2’s parent company, Axelos. The Institute of Project Management is one such Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) and offers courses for the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner levels, which are owned by Axelos and are indispensable assets to a project manager’s portfolio.  

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects In Controlled Environments and is a leading methodology in project management. Learning the PRINCE2 method enables project managers to adapt to handle projects of varying scopes and in numerous industries, such as tech, marketing, construction, etc. It is particularly beneficial for large, complex projects with many stakeholders and risks. As a result, a PRINCE2 certification is highly valued and globally recognised, and obtaining one gives individuals an upper hand in securing employment over their peers. Many nations even require a PRINCE2 certificate to manage high-level projects. There are two levels to PRINCE2, called Foundation and Practitioner, designed for new and experienced project managers, respectively.  

PRINCE2 Foundation® 

The PRINCE2 Foundation level is an introductory course that teaches the methodology’s basic concepts and frameworks. This course is designed for new or prospective project managers looking to advance their careers or other professionals looking to improve their team and management skills. The course prepares students for an exam, and those who pass receive the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate.  

PRINCE2 Practitioner® 

The PRINCE2 Practitioner is an advanced course meant for experienced project managers. The course expands upon the Foundation level by delving deeper into the methodology and applying it to specific real-world situations. Since it is for experienced professionals, there are several prerequisites for prospective students, including PMP and IPMA certifications. The Practitioner course prepares students for an exam, which can lead to a certificate.  

Why Being an ATO Is Significant? 

and their content is thoroughly analysed to ensure consistency with the PRINCE2 exam information. Additionally, an organisation’s instructors must be verified before it becomes a training partner. AXELOS continues to monitor partner organisations’ content and instructors to ensure their quality remains high.  

Studying with an ATO instead of other eLearning sites or self-studying has many benefits, including:  

  • Up-to-date information that directly relates to the PRINCE2 exam content, which has been modified in recent years.   
  • Experienced lecturers capable of teaching complex content in an organised and understandable manner.  
  • Access to additional resources, including case studies and practice exams. 
  • The ability to earn PDUs that count towards a Continuous Professional Development Record 
  • Confidence from knowing the course is backed by an internationally recognised accreditation service.  

Studying with an ATO ensures that students receive the highest quality education in project management and give themselves the best chance to gain a PRINCE2 certification. This credibility also extends beyond PRINCE2 courses and attests to the organisation’s dedication to delivering the best project management education possible, no matter the course.  


The Institute of Project Management is proud to be an Accredited Training Partner and offer courses for the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner levels. Both courses are live, online, and led by lecturers with extensive project management and teaching experience. If you would like to learn more, contact us by clicking here.  

To check IPM's status as an AXELOS ATO, search "Institute of Project Management" here.