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IPM Thanks Lecturer Jim Mogan

By Edward Naughton 20 Jul 2023
IPM Thanks Lecturer Jim Mogan

As a founder of IPM, I would like to thank Jim Mogan for his invaluable contributions to the development of the PM profession in Ireland over the last quarter of a century.

Jim firmly believed that the role of a good lecturer is to entertain as well as educate and that sharing life's experiences can be a rich source of wisdom dissemination.

His passion for PM almost equalled that of his support for Liverpool FC, and his sporting analogies ensured that his reputation as a storyteller par excellence preceded him.

Many graduates that Jim met in later years stressed the benefits of these pearls of wisdom when seeking solutions to tricky problems.

He was at the early forefront of stressing the importance of behavioural competencies believing that future PMs would be required to be adaptive, resilient, transparent, resourceful and provide integrative leadership.

Through the Institute, Jim has forged connections with colleagues and industry professionals that have proved invaluable. The shared camaraderie with fellow lecturers and collective pursuit of knowledge has created lifelong friendships that will endure.

On reflection, Jim says it is the moments of connection, personal interactions, and shared stories that genuinely resonate with him. The laughter, the "aha" moments, and the genuine expressions of gratitude from students and colleagues are the memories that he will carry with him.

We thank him sincerely for all the standout memories that he has left us.