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Meeting Future Needs of Project Managers

19 May 2015
Meeting Future Needs of Project Managers

Project managers are in a unique position to address the pressing needs of organisations. Ongoing training and development are important to help project professionals gain the three critical skill sets needed for successful projects:

  • Behavioural - Leadership
  • Technical
  • Contextual - Strategic and business management

Next Generation Project Managers

During the last year, the Institute has expanded its professional development opportunities, offering new ways for participants to get ready for the next step in their careers.

Our IPMA® Certified Project Management Diploma now also carries an NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) Level 8 special purpose award.

The IPMA® Strategic Project Management Diploma offers a unique learning experience of integrating the strategic and business aspects of projects and learning to lead winning teams with vision.

Our Leadership Academy was established under Professor Sebastian Green to enable organisations to achieve business results by developing their most valuable resource - their leaders.

The Institute is internationally respected for its ability to understand, interpret and respond to the ever-evolving needs of the profession with innovative programmes. Our suite of courses is structured to combine the strategic, business-related aspects, the operational needs of getting the job done on time, and the leadership sides of inspiring and motivating the team.