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Professionals Value IPMA Certification

29 Nov 2011
Professionals Value IPMA Certification

Organisations and businesses of today need personnel with solid project management competence. Certified project managers know how to deliver with quality, faster and less expensively. The IPMA certification reviews a portfolio of evidence to assure end–to–end project management grasp. It is performance-based and provides standards by which project management performance can be measured. Taking IPMA advanced certification provides confidence to clients that the company can handle the clients’ business efficiently and cost-effective. It also provides positive proof that the individual concerned has gained peer recognition for managing projects.

Three recently accredited IPMA Level B professionals – each from radically different sectors - explain the rationale for pursuing this qualification.

Peter Cantwell
Railway Procurement Agency

Achieving Level B Certification is important because my experience and success as a Project Manager are formally recognised with an international qualification. The certification process has been a great personal learning experience involving reviewing my career record of delivering projects of an increasingly more complex nature. In today’s competitive business environment having Level, B Certification illustrates my practical experience and knowledge, which adds value to my skills in the eyes of my employers.

Padraig Mulcahy
Boston Scientific, Galway

Project Management is becoming more important in dealing effectively with the management of change and implementing new products within organisations. My role within Boston Scientific is to lead platform and breakthrough product development projects and lead continuous improvement within the project management organisation.

My achievement in attaining IPMA Level B Certification will help promote the profession of Project Management within the Medical Device sector. I hope to encourage others within the medical device sector to develop their project management skills and select project management as a career path.

Mark Robinson
Microsoft Ireland

During my Project Management career, I have managed projects across several countries, organisations and their cultures. With this experience, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to apply my skills as a Project Manager in many different ways and continue learning Project Management's art.

Having now achieved IPMA Level B Certified Senior Project Manager, this formal appraisal of my skills and competencies is an important and portable certification worldwide. I can be confident that my IPMA Certification helps validate the skills and level of Project Management expertise that I bring to my customers.

If you wish to become IPMA Level B Certified Project Manager yourself, you might be interested in learning more about our Project Leadership & Management Diploma course. This course will educate you about the capabilities and behaviours you need to be a great leader. Upon completion, you get a globally recognised certification that represents your newly gathered knowledge.