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SCRUM Certification

27 Feb 2023
SCRUM Certification

What is Scrum, and Who is Scrum Master?

Scrum is an Agile framework for managing and completing complex projects. It emphasises teamwork, collaboration, and iterative progress towards well-defined goals. 

The Scrum Master is a crucial role within a Scrum team. They are responsible for ensuring that the Scrum framework is understood and followed by the team. The Scrum Master acts as a facilitator, removing any obstacles or impediments that may hinder the team's progress. They also serve as a coach and mentor to the team members, helping them understand and implement Scrum principles and practices effectively. The Scrum Master promotes collaboration, self-organization, and continuous improvement within the team.acts as a coach, mentor, and servant leader, supporting the team in its use of Scrum and its ongoing improvement.

To deepen your understanding of Scrum, read our blog "Understanding Scrum," the article adeptly elucidates this Agile framework in a comprehensive way, covering key concepts, such as the vital role of the Scrum Master, sprint planning, core values and principles of Scrum project management, the benefits and disadvantages of the framework.

Scrum Master Role and Project Managers

The Scrum Master role differs from traditional project manager roles. While project managers focus on planning, organizing, and controlling projects, the Scrum Master primarily serves as a facilitator and coach, enabling the Scrum Team to self-organize and deliver value. The Scrum Master ensures that the team follows the Scrum framework, removes impediments, and fosters a collaborative and productive environment. Scrum Masters support the Agile principles of empowerment, iterative development, and continuous improvement, while project managers often operate within more traditional, plan-driven project management methodologies.

What is The Best Scrum Certification?

There are various Scrum Master certifications available from different organizations, including, Scrum Alliance, and others. Scrum certification by is a professional certification program designed to validate and recognise individuals' knowledge and expertise in the Scrum framework. is a leading global organisation that provides training, assessment, and certification programs related to Scrum and has issued certifications to over 792,500 individuals. 

The Scrum certification program offered by consists of exams assessing an individual's knowledge and understanding of Scrum principles, practices, and roles.  

Employers highly value the program in the Agile and Scrum community.

Professional Scrum Master™ I Certification 

Obtaining a Professional Scrum Master™ I certification from means you have it for life without needing renewal in the future.

You will be listed on the website and remain there forever. You can do a certification holder search, view the profile and see the certifications. Alternatively, you can look it up on Credly.

The Professional Scrum Master™ I Certification is perfect for individuals who are interested in becoming certified Scrum Masters or are looking to enhance their Scrum mastery skills.  

It is also suitable for team members, managers, or anyone who wants to understand the Scrum framework and its application in managing complex projects.

Additionally, the certification benefits organisations looking to adopt Scrum methodology and want their employees to have a standard level of knowledge and expertise. 

PSM-I Exam Requirements

It is recommended that individuals have a basic understanding of Scrum and its framework before taking the exam.  

No specific prerequisites or eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled to take the PSM-I (Professional Scrum Master level I) exam offered by  

PSM-I Exam Fee, Structure, and Content

The PSM-I exam is a 60-minute online assessment that comprises 80 questions. To pass the exam, individuals must correctly score at least 85%, or 68 out of 80 questions. 

The questions are in multiple-choice, multiple-answer, true/false format, designed to assess an individual's practical knowledge and application of Scrum concepts. 

The exam questions cover a range of topics, including: 

  • Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework: 
  • Developing People and Teams 
  • Managing Products with Agility 

The exam fee FOR Professional Scrum Master I is USD 150 per attempt. 

PSM-I Scrum Master Preparation Course

At IPM, PSM Scrum Master training encompasses the Scrum framework in the context of Agile and Lean methodologies. It covers Scrum principles, practices, roles, and responsibilities and equips you with the skills to lead a Scrum team towards successful project completion. 

Our PSM Scrum Master training programme offers individuals the opportunity to expand their career prospects and agile project management skills. The course modules are designed to help you adopt a flexible approach to manage change and generate positive results while growing as a certified Scrum Master who can successfully accelerate a team to contribute to project success.


Professional Scrum Master™ II Certification

The Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) certification course is most appropriate for professionals with extensive experience and advanced knowledge of Scrum frameworks, such as Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, change agents, leaders, and managers. 

The PSM II certification can be valuable for Agile professionals who work with Scrum teams and want to expand their expertise in applying Scrum principles and practises to complex scenarios. 

Anyone who wants to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and skills in Scrum and continue their professional development as Scrum Master or Agile professional can benefit from the certification.

PSM-II Exam Requirements suggests that candidates must have experience as a Scrum Master and in-depth knowledge of Scrum.  

Although not mandatory, recommends obtaining the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I™ certification before pursuing the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) certification. 

Having experience in applying Scrum in real-world situations is essential, as the PSM II exam is designed to test your ability to apply Scrum principles and practises to complex scenarios and challenging situations. 

PSM-II Exam Fee, Structure, and Content  

The PSM-I exam is a 90-minute online assessment that comprises 30 questions. To pass the exam, individuals must correctly score at least 85%, or 26 out of 30 questions. 

The questions are in multiple-choice, multiple-answer, true/false format and evaluate an individual's depth of knowledge in Scrum and ability to apply Scrum principles and practises to real-world situations. 

The exam questions cover a range of topics, including: 

  • Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework: 
  • Developing People and Teams 
  • Managing Products with Agility 
  • Developing and Delivering Products Professionally 
  • Evolving the Agile Organisation 

The exam fee for Professional Scrum Master II is USD 250 per attempt. 

Professional Scrum Master™ III Certification

The Professional Scrum Master™ III Certification is an advanced-level certification offered by that validates an individual's expertise in applying Scrum principles, practises, and frameworks.  

The certification is intended for experienced Scrum Masters who deeply understand Scrum and its application in complex scenarios. 

To learn more about the Professional Scrum Master™ III Certification and its requirements, visit

Scrum Alliance and Scrum Certifications

Scrum Alliance is another prominent organization that offers Scrum certifications and resources for Agile practitioners. Their certification programs include Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), among others. These certifications validate individuals' understanding and application of Scrum practices and roles. Scrum Alliance provides training and support for individuals and organizations to adopt Scrum effectively and foster Agile principles.

Benefits of Getting a Scrum Certification

Agile project management has become increasingly popular, and obtaining certification in the most widely used agile methodology can significantly broaden your career prospects. 

By enrolling in our Scrum certification training, individuals can: 

  • Enhances knowledge and expertise in the Scrum framework. 
  • Build credibility and enhance their professional profile in the eyes of employers, clients, and peers. 
  • Demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and development, which is highly valued by organisations that adopt Scrum methodology. 
  • Be flexible and allow quick product changes. 
  • Test early and effectively with defined metrics. 
  • Recognise and mitigate risks early. 

Additionally, organisations improve their project management practices, increase productivity and deliver value to customers more efficiently.