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The Growing Project Management Skills Gap

07 Jan 2013
The Growing Project Management Skills Gap

Demand for project management professionals is outpacing the demand for other occupations around the globe according to research from the Anderson Economic Group, Price Waterhouse Coopers and others.

As more organisations adopt project management, a talent gap has developed. In advanced markets, long-time project managers who started on the ground floor of the discipline are at or near retirement. In many emerging economies, there are not enough trained or experienced project managers to go around.

If project managers are ready to fill these next-generation jobs, they need to start gaining and refining their knowledge and skills now.

Not only must they hone their technical skills in areas such as scope, time and cost management, but they also must develop and enhance their competence in the behavioural and strategic arenas.

This translates into a growing need to educate and certify project professionals at all levels and for all industries.

As employers seek out highly skilled project professionals, educational organisations such as the Institute of Project Management, with a reputation for quality project management curricula, faculty and certification, will have a distinct competitive edge. Over a twenty-year period, it has distinguished itself as a foremost centre of knowledge and expertise.

Programme such as the Strategic Project Management Diploma provide a structured yet flexible framework to meet development needs of the next generation project managers.

Tapping into the power of project management presents a distinct advantage in a crowded and competitive global business environment to both employer and employee.  It offers a path to greater efficiency, improved competitiveness, and an ability to maximize performance and profits.