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Who is Driving the Project Management Upskilling Agenda?

26 Jul 2013
Who is Driving the Project Management Upskilling Agenda?

There is an ever increasing awareness within organisations that the best utilisation of finite and limited resources is through the application of effective project management under the stewardship of competent project managers.

This is driving an “Up-Skilling” agenda by both individuals and organisations that recognise that the “Accidental Project Manager” is no longer acceptable or adequate. Necessity, career opportunities and enhanced compensation packages are key components contributing to this megatrend.

Profile of People Seeking to Upskill

The typical profile of those seeking to up-skill by acquiring an internationally recognised professional body accreditation, such as that offered by IPMA, is:

  • Middle to Senior Management
  • 28 to 45 years old
  • 89% of them possessing a minimum of a primary degree from a recognised third level institution71% coming from a range of engineering, business and the ITC primary degrees
  • 60/40 male to female gender balance
  • Almost 50% earning in excess of €55,000

At the heart of management is the need to specialise and then integrate. Perhaps that is why project management is such a brilliant discipline, as it combines these twins. Its growth will continue as it expands its application to more and more sectors and it becomes embedded as part of mainstream management. If you wish to better yourself as a project manager, look into what the Institute of Project Management has to offer.