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Why Our Qualifications Are So Valuable?

25 May 2016
Why Our Qualifications Are So Valuable?

The future looks set for continued growth in the demand for high-quality qualifications and recognised skills at home and abroad...

The Institute has positioned itself uniquely to service this demand. It offers integrated NFQ and IPMA® professional body qualifications via its Certified diploma programmes.


The Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) was established in 2003. Based on a system of ten levels, the NFQ makes it easier to understand and compare qualifications. Over 150 countries have now developed an NFQ. Ireland was one of the first countries to do so.

Today the Irish NFQ is well connected internationally to qualifications developments in the UK, across Europe and beyond. International connections matter as skills and qualifications become increasingly mobile.

IPMA® (International Project Management Association)

IPMA® (International Project Management Association) was founded in 1965 and is the world’s first professional project management association.  

The IPMA® competency-based 4 Level Certification System for programme and project managers is unique globally and widely recognised for its quality. It is a mobile qualification recognised in 63 countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

 competency-based 4 Level Certification System

There are over 3,500 IPMA® Certified Professionals are currently registered in Ireland.

Changing with how people live and learn today and tomorrow...

Demographic trends suggest continued growth in education enrolments over the next decade.

  • Demand for places in higher education is expected to increase by a further 27% over the next ten years.
  • Lifelong learning participation rates for 25-64-year-olds is expected to increase to 15% by 2025 from just 6.7% today.
  • Irish workers will continue to travel abroad in search of career and learning opportunities. Their qualifications and skills will need to be recognised.
  • Today 47% of 25-34-year-olds in Ireland have a higher education and training qualification.
  • 32% of Irish people have spent some time working abroad in the EU.

Following the introduction of the IPMA® competency-based 4-Level Certification System in 2002 and the NFQ in 2003, we have seen many changes across the qualifications and skills landscape, particularly in the project management discipline.

Qualifications are here to stay and the Institute continues to play its role as Ireland’s premier certification authority.