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Countdown to 2011 Certification

25 Nov 2011
Countdown to 2011 Certification

The time to acquire project management skills is now!·95% of executives surveyed worldwide by the Economist Intelligence Unit agree that the project manager’s skillset is most in-demand in their organisations.

  • 75% of these executives believe that recruits to their companies lack critically important project management skills.
  • Project management is among the top three skills most desired by employers.

However, Credentials are critical

Differentiate yourself in a crowded market with international accreditation from Ireland’s premier certification authority. Start your journey in February 2011 with the Institute’s Certified Project Management Diploma - an evening programme - commencing across Six Locations in Ireland over the next four weeks. providing participants with immediate international accreditation into a community of 120,000 project management professionals from 50 countries.

As Project Management accreditation is being seen by many as a key requirement to secure a promotion or enable the transition to other industry sectors, the quality of the professional accreditation carried by the individual is of paramount importance.