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The Phenomenon of Project Management Certification and Education Growth 

26 Jun 2024
The Phenomenon of Project Management Certification and Education Growth 


Today, in the fast-paced business world, successful project management has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It has been around for thousands of years, and today, project management has grown to include several industries; the need for more structure in every sector gave rise to the modern project management that we use today. This contemporary project management was born in the 19th century when Henry Gantt played a crucial role in the development of project management, and he is considered the father of modern project management. In the 80s and '90s, with the rise of computers and the internet, project management became more controlled with fewer errors than ever before and started to grow.

As project management has evolved over the years, project management certifications have been developed, too, and they are always under continuous enhancement. Project management certifications continue to grow exponentially, and the number of certified project managers continues to grow. This trend will continue in the coming years. Today, in a rapidly evolving world, a project management certification has become highly recommended, and most employers across several industries demand a project management certification, which is a vital factor in the hiring process.

Why Is a Project Management Certification Necessary?

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the enhancement in project management, and the combination of technology and project management, the competition is very high. The world has become a competitive place where it is difficult to get a job, certification, or even money and have a good level of life without struggling and dedication; the competition is very tough for the project management professions and other professions. To jump up to the head of this competition and ahead of hundreds of competitors, it is necessary to make your resume worthy enough and attractive with a good impression for the recruiters; so, one of the ways to do that is to acquire a project management certification.

Acquiring a project management certification is very important in elevating your skills in managing projects, increasing your qualifications, and gaining more knowledge that can help you enhance the techniques and methods of managing your projects efficiently. It proves your project management efficiency and experience for any organisation where your resume will become more valuable. You will stand up with trust at the head of the candidate's list and lift your spirits of confidence. You will be benefiting yourself in terms of professional growth.

High Demand for Project Management Certification in Organisations

For any organisation, a project management certification is proof of your skills and expertise in project management. Once certified, you will become a more valuable employee and stand out in your team. You will add significant benefits and value to your organisation. Certified project managers can handle problems and setbacks more easily for any organisation. They can also better organise their teams and achieve results with less resources and effort, which makes them an asset to every organisation they work for.

Certified project managers have many skills that can help them perform better and justify the employers' trust. They can show their ability to lead and organise, rapidly adapt to any challenges, communicate with people, and motivate and inspire their teams. These competencies are essential and valuable for any organisation, and most organisations are looking for this skill in any project manager. In addition, the maintenance of project management certification is proof for any organisation that you will always be up to date with the current changes in the rapidly changing industries, which means you will learn the newest project management trends.

For that, it is obvious that project management certification is one of the vital trends in the world of management. It can help managers learn new skills regarding their professions, expand the way they learn, achieve growth, and make the perfect foundation to keep growing and moving toward the summit.

A better career path, better salary, and better position are the main reasons for the growth of project management certification. Not only is certification the goal, but attending a project management course is also exciting for those seeking significant skills and knowledge that help the attendees refine their way of work.  Meanwhile, across the globe, many project management certifications can be proof of your skills, experience, and knowledge that will help you excel as a project manager. You can choose the project management certification that fits your situation and experience, such as the following:

1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMP certification is the gold standard and globally recognised professional certificate offered by the project management institute PMI, a US non-profit organisation. PMP is the most recognised and respected international credential for project managers and the most challenging certification. The exam covers valuable insights on how to effectively lead, direct, and manage a project within a business environment. Moreover, recruiters looking to fill a project manager position tend to prioritise candidates' profiles with PMP certifications over those not certified.

This certification is perfect for those looking to advance their career or who want to change their job, and it is the best choice for project managers with years of experience managing projects in all aspects. Furthermore, certain candidates must satisfy specific criteria to qualify for the PMP certification, such as candidates with a four-year degree require a minimum of three years of experience leading projects within the past eight years; alternatively, candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent need five years of experience leading projects within the past eight years and both must earn 35 PDUs of project management education. Project managers who are PMP certified are formally endorsed by PMI as qualified to work on larger projects within their organisations.

2. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Its entry-level certification by PMI unlocks opportunities for project management roles like project coordinator or junior project manager. CAPM candidates must have a secondary degree, such as a high school diploma, and at least 23 PDUs of project management education.

3. Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI ACP)

This certification will be particularly beneficial for project managers working in software development or technology industries and any professional seeking to expand their understanding of agile practices. The PMI-ACP recognises expertise in Agile project management practices. It shows a deep understanding of Agile principles and frameworks and the skill to handle complexity and promote ongoing improvement. To be eligible for PMI-ACP certification, candidates must meet certain prerequisites, including a combination of education, professional experience, and training in agile practices.

4. PRINCE2 Foundation

PRINCE2 is widely used in countries like Europe, Australia, and the UK. Many European companies are looking for PRINCE2 certification. It is an excellent certification for people with no experience since it does not require education hours of project management and experience as a PMP.

project management certification

There are also many more certifications, such as program management professional certification (PgMP), portfolio management professional certification (PfMP), and risk management professional (PMI-RMP), all by PMI; IPMA Level D, Level C, Level B, and Level A by IPMA, and more.


So, a project management certification is worth earning, even if it will take several months. This will allow employers to check your project management knowledge and skills and assure them that you thoroughly understand project management, not some specific skills you noticed along the way.

The proper certification will help you get more trust, better compensation, and a higher chance of being shortlisted among thousands of candidates. It will also refine your leadership skills and add value to your organisation. Are you still asking yourself if you should get a project management certification?

Big YES!