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Survey of PM Practitioners 2011

25 Nov 2011
Survey of PM Practitioners 2011

Survey of Project Management Practitioners 2011

This is the Institute’s seventh annual report on the Irish Project Management community and is jointly undertaken by the Institute of Project Management and UCC Dept. of Management and Marketing. The survey took place in five geographic regions – Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford, and encompassed two hundred participants from a wide variety of sectors.

The Institute is 100% focused on Project Management and is committed to the development and the professionalization of our chosen field. Part of this commitment is our undertaking of the unique benchmarking survey, which has for the last seven years examined the people aspects of project management, building a picture of project professionals’ careers, earnings and prospects

It is heartening to see that recognising the benefits of what we now call modern project management has spread so widely. That project management is being used effectively in practically all forms of human endeavour. Modern project management is now undergoing a name transformation and is shifting to be described as Project, Programme and Portfolio Management.

What is emerging is that project management is something that every manager above a certain level must know and use when appropriate. At the same time, many managers must become experts in project management, in the same way that all managers must know and use financial management concepts and methods.

Hence, the strong demand for project management education and internationally recognised professional qualifications continues unabated. Individuals are keen to polish up their CV with credentials and skills that employers can put to immediate use. We are moving more and more into a Project-Oriented Society as predicted over 15 years ago by Dr Roland Gareis.

Induction style project management education programmes are now being targeted at the 2nd. The level sector of education as the awareness and importance of “projects” being to our existence becomes more evident.

“Strategic Project Management” through the mantle of Project Portfolio Management, which includes identifying, selecting, prioritising, and funding an organisation’s programs and projects, is on an upward spiral gaining awareness and application.

The difference between the strategic management of organisations and what project management does to achieve those defined strategies through the planning and execution of programs and projects has become more crystallised.

The Institute trusts that you find interesting and revealing the information about topics such as the individual’s profile, the importance of certification and maturity from an executive’s perspective, the presence of project offices and the practice of portfolio management.

Whether you are a project management professional looking to benchmark yourself against your peers or an employer looking to benchmark your rates, we hope you find this survey to be a useful window into the Irish Project Management community.

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